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Apr 30

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Having a strong Product team is the latest recipe for success. Take a look at the most profitable businesses in 2017 and ask yourself, ‘how have they got to be at the top in such a competitive market?’ Propose this question to 100 people and you will probably get 100 different answers but one constant is the success of their product team. So let’s take a look at the basics, the structures of the businesses and what they do differently that allows them to adapt to change quicker than their competitors.

The basics

If a company is going to deliver what they promised successfully, on time and ahead of their competitors, then it is absolutely fundamental that their employees are maintaining the same vision and direction throughout the process. But how exactly does this message filter through without losing shape? The answer is complex, the challenge is constant and the experts are in high demand.

The demand

Business, in the traditional sense, has largely shifted over the past 10 years. Everything is becoming digital and gone are the days of strict team segmentation and work delegation. Everything is focused around collaboration, which for the most part means someone taking on more responsibility than their job spec suggests to ensure that they’re ‘doing what needs to be done to make things work.’ For example, it is more cost- effective to have 1 employee working across 3 areas of the business than to hire more staff, especially if this person understands tech as well as traditional business. Over time this setup has become more and more favourable, which has led us to the modern-day Product Manager.

Who needs Product?

If you are an organisation that operates on a digital platform, then you need a Product function. Nearly all businesses are undergoing a digital transformation – if you’re not currently then you either already have or will find yourself having to do so in the future – the latter, of course, will find you playing catch-up. There’s simply no escaping the new-age of digital – we have chatbots working customer service roles, algorithms replacing analysts and quite frankly, the list is far too long to continue. The point here being, stay current. You need to adapt and you need a team in place who can pull all necessary requirements together.

Where does Product fit?

Product teams sit at the core of an organisation, pulling the strings between business, technology and design. Product teams are responsible for the vision and strategy of the company, how their products perform and what can be done to make these products more successful. Product teams must be able to communicate their vision and direction to various teams and stakeholders whilst adapting to challenges along the way. To perfect these sort of skills takes hard-work, determination and an unrivalled motivation to succeed. A skilled and qualified Product Manager will guarantee a smooth process from start to finish, understand how to stay ahead of their competitors and achieve exactly what they set out to do – deliver the best in market products.

To summarise

The digital era is upon us, it has been for a long time and the challenge to adapt quickly still exists. Whether you operate on a digital platform or you’re looking to go through a transformation, you need a product team in place who knows how to successfully bridge the gap between business and technology without destroying the companies core values. Change can be difficult, but in this instance, it can and must be done.

Building your team

As a specialist Product recruiter, I have been networking almost relentlessly in this space. I have taken Product courses through General Assembly and put myself in the shoes of Product Managers in order to understand the difference between a good Product team and a great Product team. I have helped to build and grow several Product teams across London and the South East and I am keen to help where I can. Implementing a Product function is easy, implementing a successful Product function is the challenge.

If you’re keen to understand what you can do to build and grow a successful Product function, or whether you’re looking to move into another Product team yourself then feel free to contact me at kevin@3search.co.uk