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In my time within the recruitment industry, my most impressive candidates have come from relationships and networking that take some time to develop. Taking the time to speak or meet with a candidate enables me to really understand what my candidates are looking for. Ultimately, my goal is to place candidates into the best positions available, minimise rejection and create a positive candidate experience. My remit allows me to speak to a wide range of candidates ranging from associates to director. This blog aims to demonstrate the value of speaking to recruiters oppose to just wanting to be put forward for a role.

#1 Specs Don’t Highlight Culture

Brent Gleeson suggests that cultural fit is one of the biggest factors that businesses can hire on. In my experience, sitting face to face with a candidate gives an excellent opportunity to identify their character traits. This enables me to build up a profile of that candidate, assessing which businesses they can fit into from a cultural point of view.

Moreover, I speak to lots of different candidates every day. Speaking to individuals enables me to identify each candidate as a face oppose to just a name on a spreadsheet.

#2 If This Doesn’t Work, Something Else Might

The beauty of sending your CV over to a recruiter is that if you’re not relevant for the specific role that you’re discussing, your CV will be registered (keeping GDPR in mind, of course!) with a recruitment agency, who can then keep you updated on anything else that suits your skill set. More often than not, you will receive a call from another recruiter. Sounding something like “your details have been passed to me from …” you haven’t even done anything and you’re being approached for another role. Happy days!

#3 Job Specs Can Be Misleading

A hiring manager will know their business inside out, job specs can sometimes be a template that is amended to the appropriate job title, as ‘The Employable’ found. Generic job specs aren’t uncommon in today’s job market. That job spec might be used for multiple positions, don’t assess a role purely based on the spec. Taking the time to speak to a recruiter will enable you to receive a comprehensive overview of the role, not just bullet points of generic day to day tasks you will be doing. We want to give you the best chance to succeed in your job search.

Recruiters can walk you through the process with great precision to ensure that you are provided with a detailed insight into the business, the team’s structure and the role itself.

#4 Building Rapport

Clients will often brief recruiters based on their previous roles, not all specs are relevant or even given. They know their business and what they are looking for, it’s up to us to find the rest!

If candidates can’t take 10 minutes to talk through a role, it questions how committed you are to the role. Some of the roles that I have recruited, my clients have often given me a break down of the role rather than providing a spec. Then it’s over to me to find the ideal candidates. Don’t hinder your chances by not speaking to a recruiter!

Article Written By: Oliver Amos, Principal Consultant


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