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Category: Graduates

Finally graduated? Congratulations! No more tight deadlines to meet or tough exams to study for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any easier from here. Just because you may have aced your degree doesn’t mean you’re going to waltz into a job straight away.

Despite employment rates of recent graduates increasing in recent years, the prospect of finding a job can be pretty daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top tips on how to beat graduate unemployment to kick-start your prosperous career!

#1- Don’t waste time

Now you have a degree it doesn’t mean you can put your feet up and binge watch series after series with popcorn in hand. Watching endless amounts of Friends certainly won’t land you a job, but at the same time, don’t feel like you must jump into one head first. Take this opportunity to boost your employability. You may have been fortunate enough to have completed a placement year or even a short internship, or you may have no work experience at all, there is always more you can do. Anything from volunteering at a start-up for a week to completing online courses will make you more appealing to any hiring manager, a chance to gain additional skills to boost your employability. For example, if you’re looking to kick-start your career in Marketing, look at our blog on 7 Online Courses That’ll Help You Become a Better Marketer.

#2 – Explore your options

Use this time wisely! It’s the perfect opportunity to find out what industry is really best for you. Just because you have a law degree doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a lawyer – this level of knowledge can take you down multiple career paths, but it’s down to you to find the one that’s best suited to your skills and passion.

Do your research, take advantage of your contacts from previous employers and university and find companies you are interested in. Most importantly, make sure you are open minded to industries you may not have bothered to consider. All of this will enable you to narrow down your search, so you know exactly what you want to apply for.

#3 – Improve your technique

As the world of work becomes more and more ruthless, differentiating yourself becomes imperative, but making sure your CV stands out as a graduate can be hard. Update your CV to ensure it ticks all the right boxes – use an online example or read our guide on How Can I Make My CV Stand Out. The more applications you apply for, the easier it becomes for you to really understand what each hiring manager wants from you. Perfecting your interview technique is also very important. Ensure you are well prepared for every stage – from phone, face-to-face, to final interview. Each requires something different from you, so make sure you’ve done the correct research to go into each with confidence and poise.

Top Tip: Always ask for feedback – this way you can pinpoint exactly where you need to improve for next time to ensure you land the job you really want.

#4 Take advantage of your socials

Networking is so important in today’s age. As the saying goes – it’s not what you know it’s who you know. And even better, it’s all one click away. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to connect with people all over the world across a dynamic range of industries. From other like-minded individuals in the same boat as you to Directors and CEO’s of some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. Read here on our 5 Top Tips to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile.

Other socials such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are also a great way to network, but make sure they aid your application rather than hinder it. Clean your socials to ensure it’s fun and professional to get your personality across in the right way. Here are 10 Ways Social Media Can Help You Land A New Job.

#5 Ensure what you are applying for is right for you

As said before, research is key to finding what you really want to do, and most importantly, finding something that you’re going to enjoy. Don’t waste both your time or the recruiters. There is no point in applying for something that you know you don’t have the skills or expertise for, not least something you will find boring and unmotivating. Particularly as the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime!

The likelihood of getting a job from only one application is slim. Being rejected is all part of the process to help you find your feet and ace it! But this takes time. Dedicate a period every day to research companies, boost your skills, and apply for jobs. Getting yourself into a routine will ensure you don’t get bogged down in cover letter writing all day, helping you stay positive and motivated.

Overall, getting a job is tough. Our top tips should reassure you there is no rush. Take some time to get to know the field and broaden your horizon to certify the job you get is the job you want and beat the defying trend of graduate unemployment.


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