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Feb 03

Category: 3Search Updates

January is over. My dry January lasted as long as Andy’s diet (about 10 days), but apart from that everything else has gone well.

Having thoroughly enjoyed working from home for the first five months, last week 3Search moved into an office on Buckingham Palace Road, in Victoria. It’s nice to share a road with the likes of American Express and Google however that’s where the synergies end!

We’ve just finished moving in and the office is complete with all the most important features…. a TV, a coffee machine and a never ending supply of coca cola. January was the month that we went from being three guys in a living room to a business with a premises, employees, a therefore a massive leap in responsibility!

Below are a couple of things that we’ve learnt during this next leg of the journey.

Finding an office. Like all property purchases you start off thinking of the ideal and end up with the reality. There are lots of expensive serviced or sharing options on the market but we managed to find a great space that we can make our own and will see us through the next year or so. It allows us to stamp our culture and brand on the office, which we felt was particularly important. The only down side of a DIY office is that you have to become very good at reading time consuming contracts!

Hiring. You need people who can see what it will become and are confident enough in themselves to leave their comfort zone. You tend to know when people aren’t that interested in joining because they start most sentences with the words, ‘but how’.  With that in mind, it’s been great to welcome Jasmine on board who is a great addition to the team.

Quality over quantity. We are resisting the urge to expand too quickly as we are keen to continue delivering our mantra of the best possible customer service with integrity. Hopefully our hard work and integrity will continue to further our credibility with both candidates and clients.

Do get in touch if we can help at all and please follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter for all the latest updates.

Charlie R