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It’s an obvious thing to say, but in the last 10 years there has been a significant shift in the digital marketing world. Digital Marketing can’t be considered a channel that sits alone anymore. It’s probably safe to say in most real-life situations that the lines between digital and marketing are now blurred. With such a growing market there are a lot of job opportunities for candidates to potentially be involved in. This blog aims to identify how and why a career in digital might be for you!

#Skill Trends

In this day and age, there seems to be consistent skills that will allow you to pursue a successful digital acquisitions career. Paid Search, Paid Social and Paid Media are just the starting blocks – look at Facebook for example. The 18 billion user social media platform invested plenty in their digital marketing strategy allowing external companies to advertise on their site through PPC (Pay per click) strategies. Have you ever seen sponsored adverts when scrolling through your Facebook feed? Santander UK used Facebook to build a ‘love for a banking product’ through the use of video ads. They utilised a PPC strategy to promote the benefits of its 123 Current Account, resulting in a 19.9% lift in favourability among its target audience. Our clients are looking for individuals that possess strong paid search skills to activate their digital presence just like this.

It’s all well and good using paid strategies to drive traffic to a website, but companies are trying to find ground-breaking ways that can effectively improve search engine optimisation (SEO). Clients are seeking candidates that can successfully deliver on driving traffic through innovative content. Unless you live in a shell, you must be aware of TED talks! TED Talks are a great example of utilising their content to deliver on a 9.5 million-subscriber base on YouTube. There was no cost to promote or upload their content, other than the production costs. They have simply put in place an effective SEO strategy to drive traffic through their website and digital channels.

Candidates that have proven experience in turning website traffic into revenue through web optimisation and Google Analytics are in higher demand within the digital space. New technology has caused businesses to shift along with digital trends. Especially within the retail space, digital retailers such as Amazon are taking a savage blow to traditional high-street retailers. For example, it was too little too late for House of Fraser. Back in 2004, they were being described as “online laggards” that “failed to embrace Internet trading opportunities” (BBC, 2018), and as a result, 14 years on stores are rapidly closing across the country. Businesses are looking for candidates that possess the knowledge and ability to analyse data, use software tools such as Google Analytics to be able to turn this data and traffic into revenue.

#Boost Your Skills

The competitive streak that inevitably stems from this growing industry makes it difficult to really stand out from others. Candidates are encouraged to attend digital marketing events to enhance capabilities and gain invaluable skills that cannot be taught. Here is a list of some digital events that are worth attending:

–       eCommerce EXPO (London: 26th – 27th September) Event that connects 9,500 e-commerce professionals and decision-makers with providers of the newest e-commerce technologies

–       Festival of Marketing (London: 10th – 11th of October) A great opportunity for marketers to discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future of marketing

–       Big Data LDN (13th – 14th November) Free conference and exhibition where guest speakers discuss big questions within the marketing data community

–       Social Media Week (14th – 16th of November) 50 sessions covering main stage talks, interviews, panel sessions and workshops.

#What background can you come from?

From our experience businesses tend to be less fussy regarding the candidate’s industry background. Digital Acquisition, Paid Search, Paid Social, Paid Media and SEO are all skills that exist across all industries. There has been a noticeable demand for acquisition candidates from businesses that have a large online presence. Look at ASOS for example. ASOS have no retail stores but still turn over an impressive £1.9bn revenue through online sales. Candidates that are involved in strategies, which enable an online brand to grow, regardless of industry, is something that is becoming more desirable. It’s evident that clients are becoming more focused on candidate’s skill-set rather than their previous industry background.

#The desire for client-side businesses to hire from an agency

Strong paid search and social implementation skills seem to be the general trend from agency side candidates. Clients increasingly want to bring these skill sets in-house to cut costs. Working on multiple budgets and projects simultaneously, agency side candidates will use their strong technical knowledge to deliver on just one project. Clients are also looking to specialise their employee’s in specific industries/projects.  (adjusted the sentences to make it flow better)

#Attracting Agency to Client Side

Client-side businesses have implemented methods to target agency side candidates. What have they offered? Structured career progression and working with like-minded individuals to allow them to grow and flourish in their role, not to mention all the perks such as taking ownership and influence over a brand strategy. Working client side allows candidates to work on just one project and gain a personal interaction with the brand rather than working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Overall the growth of digital acquisitions and general digital marketing roles isn’t slowing down. There has been a significant shift to Social Media spend, a study by RetailMeNot revealed several key trends for digital marketing and acquisitions. 78% of the retailers surveyed will spend more in 2018 on social media marketing than in previous years. 67% of respondents said they would use email marketing and mobile conversion as a way to get more customers through digital channels. With the shift in demand towards digital acquisition and employee’s to work in-house, the supply will decrease.

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