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Mar 07

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I’m currently sat on a plane at Luton Airport in sub-zero temperatures about to enjoy a long weekend away in Seville with my wife (child-free) and as I let my mind wander I realise my 2 year anniversary at 3Search is on the horizon. 2 years! My first thought is that I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone and how much has changed since I arrived into a small business with 6 dedicated recruiters who believed in creating a specialist Marketing and Digital recruitment agency. Fast forward and we now operate at 20 heads having built 4 core teams which specialise in recruiting Marketing, Digital and E-Commerce, Tech, Product and Design roles for businesses primarily in the South East. The best thing about that growth is those 6 people who I joined two years ago are still here and are key foundations for the future success of the company!

I left what would be deemed as a secure job in a secure environment with a planned career path ahead of me. At the time of moving on, former colleagues and even some friends questioned my decision. If I’m honest I probably questioned it more than I let on, but looking back I know the right decision was made and I’m a better recruiter, manager and person for it. I spent 4 great years learning the arts and crafts of recruitment but something was missing. I wanted to do things differently, build proper relationships with candidates and clients in a forever evolving market and be part of a businesses future rather than their history.

3Search was an obvious choice for me. I had trust in the three founding directors, all former colleagues who I respected (apart from for their choice of football teams). That aside, the business had ambitious plans to scale and develop a strong Consumer presence. Given I had 4 years experience in this space, I knew I could help them and what was even more refreshing was they wanted my opinion on how I could help. It’s a two-way relationship, which for me gives me a real sense of ownership I may have struggled to find elsewhere. The decision was made. I was going to work in an office the size of my living room in Victoria #startup

What have I learnt?

Relationships are king! I didn’t place the value of relationships enough before I moved. I thought because I had worked with a client before or I placed a candidate into their latest role that it would be enough. I was wrong and I’m comfortable admitting that my focus over the last two years is to build better relationships with people in order to see a mutually long-term benefit. What’s great is that 3Search actively encourage building these relationships, therefore, it isn’t questioned or seen to be a waste of time. We have grown our business through these relationships and it will be an integral part of our strategy moving forward.

Another important learning curve is that I am my own brand in this small world of Digital, E-Commerce and Marketing recruitment. Those clients and candidates who have worked with me for 6 years say they work with me because they like how I work, I’m knowledgeable about my market and believe I provide a good service. In my last business, I didn’t realise those I interacted with felt this way because I was led to believe the brand was why people worked with me. However, people have choices and I’m grateful for those who choose me in what is an oversaturated recruitment market. I try to differentiate myself as much as possible and working in the environment 3Search has created, certainly helps me to do that.


People constantly ask what the toughest part of working for a smaller agency is, expecting that I will say job flow or candidate generation for the roles we recruit. I think this is tough in any recruitment role, but the reality is the hardest part of working for a growing business is hiring talented recruiters to join us on this journey. We set our standards high because we have to, meaning it can take longer to find the right fit for our company. Secondly, I still think that potential hires are unsure about joining a company our size and having been in a similar position not too long ago I completely relate to their apprehensions. It’s never easy to walk away from something you know well, but if you’re brave, believe in your ability and see the potential then maybe you could be missing out on something great?

If I have one regret it’s that I didn’t join JoeAndy and Charlie earlier.

I was told ‘It will never work…’

Well for now it is and I’m proud to be part of this growth we have experienced. If we can achieve this much in 2 years, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 5 years.

If you’re an experienced recruiter perhaps looking for a change or if you’re a recent graduate looking for a career in recruitment, 3Search could be for you. Learn more about a career at 3Search here.

Mind wandered. Plane journey done. Time for some tapas…

Michael Judkins, Manager, 3Search


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