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So you’re looking at a job advert thinking ‘this role suits me’ but you’re unsure on how and where to start! Luckily, applying for a job is a process that you can control. It’s crucial that you make your application stand out from the crowd. The strongest applications are those that can clearly bring to light previous work experience within the context of the role you’re applying for. Your aim should be to grab the employer’s attention and get yourself into the ‘yes’ pile! Here are our top tips to ensure you’re acing your job application.

#1 Time Is Everything

As a recruiter, it’s obvious when a candidate rushes their job application or CV. Rather than sending 10 generic marketing applications/CV’s to 10 different job opportunities, it makes more sense to submit 5 tailored, specific and well-thought-out applications that will make you stand out. Imagine the shock as you accidentally send out a CV, that you copied and pasted, to a company with the wrong name. Take the time to re-read your application and double check details like the company and contact name, you don’t want to be miss addressing the reader! Read here for tips on creating a CV that stands out!

Don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile. You need to ensure that this parallels with the experience you’re talking about in your application, read here for advice on creating a killer LinkedIn profile.

#2 Understand Their Language

When writing your job application it’s important that you adapt to their style of language. What’s the best way to approach this? Research the business on all social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Identify the tone in which they write their content in and implement that style of language into your job application. Being able to adapt to their style of writing will make you sound like a strong cultural fit for the role.

Understand exactly what they’re looking for, most job specs or adverts will highlight particular skills or experience that they are looking for. It’s important to place a lot of emphasis on the desired skills or experience in your application. You want the person reading your CV to see exactly how your skills and experience match their requirements. Anything in your application that doesn’t respond to the requirements should be mentioned briefly or towards the end.

#3 Think About How You’re Selling Yourself

When you’re writing your job application, demonstrate your worth. Use your previous experience to show exactly how you can benefit the business. For example, if you were able to activate your previous employer’s website through a well-planned strategy and it resulted in increasing traffic by 10% this effectively highlights how you can add value to their business. Research the role, company and sector trends thoroughly. This will enable you to tailor your previous work experience to ensure it’s most relevant for the business or role you’re applying for.

#4 Don’t Forget About The Basics

Think about the reader. Write a brief paragraph or series of bullet points that covers your background, what you’re strengths are and what you’re looking for. Including a section about your achievements is a great way to build a better picture of how effective you are. Explain why you want the job, is it a step up? How does it compliment your career path to date? Particularly when seeking a role that moves across fields or industry it’s important to highlight how your experience is transferable. Employers aren’t going to know your background, so giving them a better idea behind your motivation and where your coming from will make you stand out.

Overall, the job application process is something that can’t be rushed. Before pressing send, step away from your computer, clear your head and go back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. You can show a friend to ensure you’re not missing anything. Application presentation is crucial, some employers may not even give you a second glance if your application reads poorly. Have you followed all the instructions? Included all information required? Triple check for spelling or grammatical errors, ensure your application flows well and conveys you accurately. Following all of these steps will help you achieve a strong job application!

Good luck!


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