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Congratulations! All that time writing and checking your CV has impressed your recruiter, they’ve put you forward for a role and hooray you’ve got yourself an interview! Job interviews are probably the most nerve-racking part of the job-hunting process. There are a couple of steps that you should take before attending the interview.

After you have picked out the perfect outfit, polished your smartest shoes and practised some of the possible interview questions in the mirror, there are further actions you can take to ensure you’re 100% prepared.

#1 Meet with your recruiter

Recruiters are in the best position to prepare you for a job interview. They know the job inside out and also possess a clear understanding of the company’s culture. You might find that recruiters will run through how many stages there are, if there are any tests you need to prepare for and even if there’s a presentation you need to do. Yes, a lot of this can be achieved on the phone, but you will receive the best preparation by meeting with your recruiter face-to-face.

#2 Research, Research & More Research

As a marketer, you should take initiative by researching every possible aspect of their business. Reports, analytics, target audience, new product releases, all recent news in the industry, every angle should be covered. You want to answer all questions that the interviewer throws your way and to the best of your ability. Interviewers will be looking into what you can do to help with their current marketing strategy.

#3 Dress code

We’ve all been there, rocking up to an interview being severely overdressed or underdressed. Ask your recruiter or take the time to scan through the company’s social media pages to find out the dress code. Are they a company that prefers a casual shirt matched with a pair of jeans? Or are they a company that favours wearing a full suit? Then use your initiative to identify what you should wear to your interview. Still unsure on what to wear? Read here for more advice.

#4 Learn about the interviewer

The interviewer already has a good idea of who you are. You, however, are probably unsure about anything to do with the hiring manager. To help take the pressure off creating a conversation that flows easily, do a little research into the person interviewing you. This research shouldn’t be as far as what football team they support! It should just be a foundation to build your conversation upon.

What should I research?

Scan their LinkedIn profile, the goal is to find out about their interests, education or anything else that could help create a conversation. Ultimately, the goal isn’t to be intruding but to be informed and prepared. Hiring managers want people they can easily get along with. Read here for guidance on researching a company’s culture.

#5 Track your answers

The problem is, that you won’t know what sort of questions the interviewer will ask and even what the interviewer will be like. Part of your prep should be practising your answers so you can effectively show your value to the business.

After your interview, it’s important that you write down the questions you’re asked, along with your answers. This can allow you to easily track your answers enabling you to build upon them.

#6 “How do I get there?”

This part may sound obvious, but take the time to research how exactly you’re getting to the interview. Map your route out online or check the traffic patterns during the time of your interview. Once you’ve planned out your journey, add on 15 to 20 minutes to allow for any possible delays. Don’t let anything get in the way of all the preparation you’ve done!

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