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Candidates often draft and distribute a number of different copies of their CV’s during their working lives. Many don’t go anywhere and candidates find it incredibly challenging to get their CV to the top of the ‘yes’ pile. Applicants need to differentiate themselves in a way that can make them jump out to a recruiter or a potential new employer. This poses a number of questions, what does my CV 100% need? How can I prove I’m the right person for the job on a couple of sheets of A4 paper? How far back with my jobs should I go? In reality, a lot of the questions you may ask yourself vary from what job, industry and business you’re applying to. We’ve put together 5 top tips to help you get your CV noticed.

#1 The Job Spec Should Write Your CV

If you’re responding to a job advert or perhaps a specification a recruiter has sent you, make sure you read it carefully and have it sided by side when you’re adapting your CV to the role. You need to understand the language and writing style to effectively respond to it. For example, if you see “We’re looking for a passionate marketing candidate that possesses experience in the Financial Services industry” use your CV to demonstrate how long you have worked in the Financial Services industry for, along with well backed-up experience and achievements that can prove your value to the business you’re applying for.

#2 Now Be Specific

Following on, the advert or spec may sound something like “we are looking for an individual that possesses exceptional leadership in delivering a social media campaign that can reach a targeted audience.” You can present the fact you have demonstrated leadership in delivering a social media strategy that improved traffic to the company website or social media channels. If you can show that you took your companies following from X to X, this demonstrates your value to the hiring manager. Be specific and use your work history in the appropriate language, all of this can contribute to make your CV stand out! Ensuring you have plenty of achievements combined with key responsibilities on your CV is really important and pulling out key commercial information will help your profile stand out from the crowd!

#3 Keeping the Balance

Don’t go off on a tangent and lose the attention of the reader, it’s just as important that you generate excitement when someone reads your CV. Think about it, how can you expect someone to react positively to your CV if it takes too long to read or all the interesting parts are lost in long and unnecessary explanations. Keep your CV short, sweet and punchy. Don’t be tempted to explain your whole story! Remember your CV is to get your foot in the door, it should be enough for you to be invited into an interview. You can then provide a more detailed overview of your history in your interview. Need advice on perfecting an interview? Click here to find out more.

#4 Reach Out To Your Recruiter

If you have received a job opportunity from a recruiter, they are in the best position to give advice. They would have sieved through plenty of CV’s before deciding yours was the best. Recruiters can help you adapt your CV to satisfy the needs of their clients. They will help you with all the basic things such as formatting in a way that looks the best. They are there to help you and they know exactly what their clients want.

#5 Go Above & Beyond

Use your connections on LinkedIn. “Networking and referrals that come from current employees are how many businesses source their best hires, so leverage your network to the hilt,” says Alyssa Gelbard (Found of Resume Strategist). We have all felt conscious and pushy to network for a job. You shouldn’t be! Networking is designed to form relationships that you can utilise, so use your network to promote yourself in a non-aggressive way. It may sound intimidating at first but it can be highly rewarding as you can tap into the hidden job market.

Overall, the key to making yourself stand out on a CV is to find your own innovative technique that can grab the reader’s attention. Even if you send your CV to numerous of opportunities and get anywhere, don’t let that slow your job search momentum. If we’ve inspired your job search or you’re interested to find a new opportunity, check out our current vacancies here.


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