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Jun 22

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I often speak to candidates who feel a little stuck in the sectors that they find themselves. They think that the easy move is to another competitor within the same sector. They are right, that is always an easy move to make, especially when trying to gain a promotion on a move.

However, I often find businesses telling me that they seek a diversity of talent to complement their current workforce. They want fresh innovation from outside of the industry a lot of the time, applying principles from one sector to the other. In this article, I will outline some of the sector moves that you might be able to make as either a Customer or CRM Marketer, obvious or not.

Sector experience counts for a lot in CRM marketing, as different business models require different modes of communication to build customer relationships. A transactional financial service business may seek to gain somebody from a similar background. That candidate is adept at sending out communications based upon often hourly interactions customers; especially true of banking or trading.

They also have experience operating within the limits of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, the gambling/gaming industry, for example, is often a hunting ground for financial technology businesses, as candidates often have multi-channel experience including apps, and are used to their customers using the service in a similar regular pattern.

The news/media space often is criticised for stifling innovation by recruiting from within the space. That overhang from an analogue bygone era probably still exists, but most news media organisations are going digital. Print revenues are on a soft but certain decline (see below), and media organisations have been lured by the promise of a regular subscription revenue, whilst aiming to reach a millennial audience that consumes everything digitally.

They can then feed more relevant communications based upon their browsing behaviour, something only achieved online and with a way of capturing data. This is not a new innovation; the telecommunications space has been driving its customers online for well over a decade. It is no surprise then, that businesses like The Financial Times and The Telegraph are specifying that they would like talent from telco giants. Talent from energy businesses like British Gas or challengers like First Utility and OVO Energy are well suited to a move to the media space too for similar reasons.

Some first-class fashion retail brands are falling behind in terms of marketing automation and the level of personalisation that affords in attracting brand loyalty. I have recently worked with some major brands seeking e-commerce talent from outside the space, as they look to drive online sales as high street retail slides. Candidates from a sector that puts data at its core could add real value to a sector that has traditionally operated ‘bricks and mortar’ stores, where gaining comparable customer insights has been a challenge.

A move to a sector that might be completely different to your current business might seem out of reach. However, there are a few requirements for those businesses that might make the move a more obvious one that first thought. Many businesses are moving to implement new ESPs or CRM platforms. If you have experience in the likes of Adobe Campaign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or mobile platforms like Urban Airship or Braze (see image below), then you might add real value to a company utilising those tools. An adept user of those products can get the most out of those tools, creating innovative automated marketing campaigns that affect bottom lines.

If you have experience with delivering CRM strategy through mobile channels, then you are in a minority within CRM/Customer marketing. If you have experience through a monetised app (m-commerce), your experience is even more in demand and rare to find. Fin-Techs, E-commerce, media, traditional financial services and many more sectors might be crying out for your experience.

Hopefully, that provides a bit of flavour of what opportunities might exist with your skillset. The areas I have covered are by no means exhaustive. If you are a CRM, Customer, or Retention Marketer, then I am keen to start a conversation and discuss what options might be open to you. Drop me a line on andylarkin@3search.co.uk to get the ball rolling.

Article By: Andy Larkin, CRM Recruitment Specialist