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Sep 07

Category: 3Search Updates

Last month marked the second anniversary of 3Search. Wow, has that anniversary come around quickly!

In our last update on the business, back in May, I wrote about how fast the time flies when you’re focused on a project and you’re enjoying what you do. That’s just as true this time around — there’s certainly plenty to update you on from the last three months.

Team happenings

Among the three founding directors, our personal lives seem to be moving as fast as our professional lives these days:

  • Andy is getting married!
  • Joe has not only moved, but moved in with a girl.
  • Charlie and his wife are having a baby (which may mean he, finally, has to learn to drive).

One thing remains an office constant, though: the daily battle over which radio station plays in the background. The eclectic mix of likes and dislikes means that, depending on who has the remote control, anything from Classic FM (stand up, David Wall) all the way to Kisstory (Charlotte Barrow) can be on the radio on any one day.

Growth and expansion

The team continues to grow rapidly with the ultimate goal of offering our clients a complete ‘one stop shop’ for all of their marketing and digital recruitment needs.

  • Lexi O’Neill, who joined us at the beginning of the year to help grow our professional services business, has made some massive inroads.
  • Michael Judkins, who’s been with us since April, brings considerable experience in the consumer space. His leadership of our consumer practice has seen our client base grow substantially.
  • Meanwhile, just last month Richard Longstreet joined us from Capgemini, where he was a management consultant. Richard is leading our digital transformation practice and has already started seeing significant demand for transformation professionals.

We’ve expanded geographically too. Matt Waring (in Bristol) and Sarah Andrews (Surrey) are expanding our reach outside of London. Both, in just a short space of time, have seen great success (perhaps because so many people are currently considering careers outside of the capital). We certainly expect to see our business grow in the Home Counties, South, and South West over the coming years.

One uncertainty that, fortunately, hasn’t yet had a significant impact on the business, is the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. There’s been a lot of talk in the media about a reduction in hiring and a general slow-down. We’re yet to see concrete evidence in that in our business as it appears to be business-as-usual as we enter one of the traditionally busiest times of the recruitment year.

More opportunities to join 3Search in the near future

We hope this is just the beginning of our expansion, as we have aspirations to launch additional offices, both around the UK and overseas, in the not too distant future. Given these ambitious growth plans there are exciting opportunities for internal promotion within the business as we expand our management team. By the end of year we’ll likely have at least 20 employees, meaning more opportunities and bigger jobs — exciting times indeed!

Even as we grow, we’re keen to maintain our boutique, start-up vibe. We’ve written a lot lately about the importance of culture in recruitment decisions, and we strive to practice what we preach.

We work hard, but we find time to relax. While the 3Search 5-a-side team has yet to achieve its full potential, we’ve had several great days out as a team. Since our last update, we’ve been out at Sandown for the races (well done Lexi for winning best dressed!) and have a number more lined up, including trampolining (which should prove interesting…), a night out at the annual Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards, and — of course — the Christmas party.

As always, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those clients and candidates who have worked with us since we kicked off 3Search. It has been a pleasure to work together and we look forward to continuing those relationships. As part of this we are looking forward to hosting an event to say thank you to those top candidates and clients on 30th November. We look forward to seeing a lot of you there!