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Job security is usually at the top of most people’s list to keep them happy or motivated at work. So if you are made redundant it can be a huge shock, especially if you were happy in your position. Saying this, it can be a turning point in your career that can inspire you to re-position yourself or change your career path. This blog aims to give you some advice on what to do after you are made redundant.

#1 Don’t Fear A Career Break

Redundancy has been seen as a dirty word over the last few years, however, in our experience, it really shouldn’t carry a stigma or negative feeling. Today’s job market is much more fluid than it was 10 to 15 years ago and employers don’t tend to judge candidates for being made redundant. Don’t be afraid to deal with it head on and if you’ve had a redundancy package, taking some precious weeks off to spend with loved ones or completing personal projects certainly shouldn’t be feared.

Saying that, the best time to look for a job is quickly after you finish your old one. Spend the days of freedom shaping up your LinkedIn profile, dusting off your CV and starting to put a strategy in place around how you’re going to find yourself a new position.

#2 Restarting Your Search

Before you dive straight into your search, create a ‘job search strategy.’ The easiest starting point is to enable the ‘open to new opportunities’ feature on LinkedIn. Recruiters will recognise that you’re active in your job search. Carefully select the recruiters you want to work with! Go through your LinkedIn profile ensuring that you have an up to date and professional picture, along with a suitable headline and summary. Take a read of our blog on how to create the best LinkedIn profile here.

Apply through job adverts you’re most attracted to and begin to interact with brands. Follow and engage with them on LinkedIn and Twitter to understand the company’s culture. You may find yourself uncovering unadvertised vacancies; need more advice on finding hidden jobs? Read here.

Being proactive is vital to drive your job search forward. We found that social media is a crucial tool in your job search, you should be scanning through these channels to see if there are any unadvertised vacancies. Your connections may simply ‘like’ something that can be relevant for you. You can then reach out to the connection who may be able to introduce you to the role or company you want to apply for.

#3 How To Keep Your Search Going

It will be unlikely that you wake up the day after your redundancy with half a dozen job opportunities. Just because you can’t find something straight away doesn’t mean you can’t find anything at all! There are many channels that you can pursue to find yourself a new position. It’s crucial that you keep the momentum of your search going, as we explored.

Searching for a new job doesn’t need to be a 9-5 process. Think of it this way, ultimately your goal is to get yourself a new position. Everyday look to achieve small steps such as updating your LinkedIn profile, CV or even finding jobs adverts to apply for. This will keep you motivated in your search and fundamentally make you feel like you’re slowly getting your foot back in the door.

Overall, it’s not all doom and gloom for those who have been made redundant! With job vacancies rising by 11.8% since the last quarter of 2017, there is an opportunity out there for you. It’s a process that most job seekers will deal with at some point throughout their career. When dealing with your future or potential employer, be honest and open. Try and turn it into a positive, for example, you can suggest your redundancy allowed you to move into a different industry you were interested in or given you the kick-start to find a new role. You can also use it to demonstrate you are resilient, which could improve your chances of landing a new position.

Good luck!


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